About De Sol

The website began as a jewelry shop to display Kathy Sol’s designs. The bigger the website grew and the more Kathy was exposed to different artists and jewelry designers who make gorgeous and unique items, she decided to make De Sol Jewelry the home of all jewelry designers so that every woman could enjoy accessible and “wearable art”.

You could find authentic items and designs created by designers who dedicate their lives to their art, and so all jewelry on the website is unique and comes with full warranty. De Sol jewelry was designed to add “instant chic” to anything you might be wearing and upgrade your outfit. Whether you are dressed plainly for an ordinary routine day, getting ready to go to work or to an outing where you want to impress, our jewelry will add a twist to your outfit and lend you a trendy, elegant presence.

We are here to help women look better and feel great about themselves! You are welcome to check out our blog and get tips about fashion, cosmetics and beauty care, styling and jewelry, or subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates and special offers. The designers of De Sol Jewelry specialize in different styles, and you could search the website according to your favorite designer or style.

About Our Jewelry

They are either colorful or clean, elegant or sassy, calm or dramatic - De Sol gold-filled jewelry is perfect for anyone who wants an originally designed, durable and stylish item that will last for years.

All De Sol jewelry is made from durable, quality-grade materials. Some of the jewelry is gold-filled, some is pure silver and some are made of 14K silver or gold-coated brass.  We made sure to write beside each item what it is made of. Thanks to our choice of quality silver or gold plate, the jewel’s color and shine are retained and you could enjoy the item for many years and wear it for just the right look over and over again.

Instructions of Use

You could take a shower with the jewelry and expose it to water without fear.
Avoid wearing the jewelry in the sea/pool.
Avoid contact with cleaning detergents/perfumes/alcohol.
You should keep the jewelry in a dry location.

Find the jewelry that is perfect for you!

De Sol is an online jewelry designer marketplace. We are here to introduce you to unique and refreshing jewelry designed by top artist and designers. All jewelry displayed on our website could be purchased in a simple and convenient manner, and could be delivered either by post or by courier to your doorstep.


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