Powerful, regal and ancient - the hematite stone has been widely used as far back as ancient Egypt as a healing stone to strengthen the body and alleviate stress.

When talking of healing stones and gemstones that cleanse your energies, the hematite is a great example.  This stone, silvery and grey on the outside and burning red on the inside, strengthens our positive outlook. After it calms us and cleanses us of bad energies, giving us a fresh start, healing hematite jewelry strengthens and empowers us, helping us feel the passion and fire behind what we do.

 In ancient Rome, it was the attorneys of the royal families that walked around with hematite stones to bolster their prestige and charisma, relieve the stress that comes with the job and protect them from negative energies. In addition, they believed that healing hematite jewelry helped them move on to their next incarnation calmly and pleasantly and enjoy a better life in the next incarnation.

 Healing hematite jewelry guarantees a calm and peaceful sleep and is a great solution for those who suffer from insomnia. Children who suffer from nightmares and have trouble falling asleep will sleep better if you place the stone under their pillow.


Healing hematite jewelry will surround you with positive energies - be it a moment of peaceful recollection or a chance to be at the height of your power, lending you all the confidence you need. This is a piece of jewelry to place around your neck when you wish to get rid of difficult, inhibiting thoughts and take a resolute step forward with a huge smile on your face.  

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