The elegant, pure and exclusive pearl is considered one of nature’s more powerful and effective healing stones, for both body and soul. The fact that the pearl originates from the sea makes it ideal for those looking for calm, inner peace and a go-with-the-flow attitude.

It is a stone that balances us emotionally, enveloping us with a positive and protective feeling and giving us a sense of wellbeing and safety. In ancient history, the pearl was associated with a noble soul, purity and loyalty. Brides would adorn themselves with pearls that represented purity of body and soul. Grooms would present their brides with real pearl jewelry that symbolizes everlasting loyalty.

Spiritually, the pearl embodies human love. It represents self-love and faith in ourselves, the ability to be genuine and honest with ourselves and others and experience inner peace. The pearl also represents the love of mankind, and was therefore used as a gesture of peace and cease fire in times of war. Physically, the pearl helps treat infections, solve spleen-related health issues and improves blood flow.

Real pearl jewelry sees you through your day and urges you forward - to love yourself the way you are, to see the world around you in bright colors and learn to get to know the best side of those around you.

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