User Agreement and Privacy Policy

1. Preamble

De Sol is a website for the sale of jewelry (hereinafter: the “Products”).

This Agreement uses the masculine gender for convenience purposes only and refers to both genders, as well as to the singular and plural, in equal measure. Surfing, purchasing or using the website’s services constitute consent to the terms hereto, therefore if you do not agree with that stated in this Agreement, you must cease using the website.


2. Website Terms of Use

Any user who meets the following criteria may make a purchase:
Any person over the age of 18, holding a valid credit card or PayPal account under his name.
The online order will be accepted and sent to the person who made the order if the following conditions are met:

  • The ordered Products are in stock at the time of the order. Should it become out of stock before the website is updated, we shall notify the client by phone.

  • The details of the order were filled correctly concerning shipment and billing the customer / user.

  • The transaction was authorized by the credit card company or payment was transferred through PayPal.

3. Information Security and Privacy

We maintain updated information and prevent unauthorized access to the database. For security reasons, credit cards are cleared through Leumi via Wix’s platform. In addition, you could pay via PayPal’s website in a secured manner. Information provided at the time of purchase for the order of a Product is not disclosed to any third party other than for clearance purposes by the credit card companies.


If you joined our members’ club we will contact you from time to time by email only to update you of sales and news related to “De Sol”. If you do not wish to receive email updates you may unsubscribe from the mailing list at any given moment by following the instructions at the bottom of the email.

The customer is responsible for filling out his exact details while making the order, it is hereby clarified that providing false personal details is a criminal offense.

4. Payment and Delivery

Consideration for the Products may be paid via PayPal or by credit card.

Products are delivered only after the transaction is authorized by the credit card company or payment is deposited into the PayPal account. If the transaction is not authorized, we shall update the client within a reasonable timeframe from the time of the transaction. A purchase shall be deemed complete only after the transaction is authorized by the credit card company. Should the credit card be refused, De Sol may cancel the transaction. It is clarified that the time of delivery is calculated from the completion of the transaction and the credit card company’s authorization.



Free delivery shall be made through the Israeli Post by registered mail with proof of receipt. De Sol does not bear responsibility should the Israeli Post or the post office in your country fail to meet the delivery dates or lose a package.

De Sol will not be held responsible or participate for any customs delays or additional fees charged in your country. Please make the necessary inquiry before making the order. 

Up to $50 could be added to the sum of the order or you could make an order for a total sum that is over $100 to be entitled to a courier service delivered within 4 days by the Israeli Post’s courier service.

Orders are sent within 5 business days from the completion of the transaction, in the event of a delay or extraordinary circumstances, the customer will be updated by phone or mail according to the details he provided.

Delivery fees are valid for Israel only, orders overseas could be made for adjusted fees.

The “Website” is not responsible for delays in the delivery of the Product due to circumstances beyond its control such as force majeure, strikes and other malfunctions of the Israeli Post. In addition, if the customer does not pick up his Product within the timeframe determined by the Israeli Post, the Product will be returned to the “Website”s warehouses and the customer will be charged for the delivery fees.

5. Warranty

All Products sold on the website are brand new and sent in their original package. All Products have a 6-month warranty except for cases of unreasonable use. For further details and recommendations to “extend the jewlry’s lifespan” please read here.

Product Returns and Exchanges

We believe in simplicity and our goal is to make the purchasing process as comfortable as possible for you.



You could exchange any Product within 30 days of its purchase in its original package and by attaching the receipt. Items on sale may be exchanged within 14 days.
After we receive the item to be exchanged, the new item will be delivered to the customer by registered mail.


The item can be returned within 14 days from the date of purchase in its original package and accompanied by the receipt to receive a full refund in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law.

*A credit or refund for delivery fees will only be given for orders over $100 and only after the package is received.


 6. Intellectual Property

The intellectual property and copyright to all that is included on the “Website” is De Sol’s sole property, or that of any third party that granted a consent of use. All information and intellectual property appearing on the website, including graphics, digital materials, designs, texts, logos, etc. are exclusively owned by the “Website”. 
Any copying, reproduction, distribution, publication or other use of the content without written consent from the “Website” is prohibited.


In any case of dispute, the Tel-Aviv courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

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